Biometrics 2015 Exhibition - FIDO & AuthAPart by Olivier on 20/10/2015 08:41

I went to the exhibition at Biometrics 2015 which happened last week in London, UK.
It was my first exhibition since Lab A Part has been created few months ago. I wanted to get feedback on LabAPart first product Authapart - a flexible authentication solution that enables FIDO on partner products.

Biometrics 2015 logo

I did not go for the full event ticket at almost £1500. So I only limited myself to the free exhibition area. There were 20+ exhibitors from public institutions such as London Metropolitan Police to Biometric companies. There were also different product sizes - from the smallest finger print solution to security gates - and different biometric inputs from the usual biometric examples iris, fingerprint to the less usual ones such as finger vein, handwritten signature.

The 2-day exhibitions was also complemented by some free seminars. The seminars I manage to go were quite interesting:

AuthAPart is really about FIDO enablement at the moment. It makes a perfect companion for specialized biometric solution.
Speaking with the different exhibitors, there were different level of knowledge about FIDO Alliance. From companies who have not heard of FIDO (luckily not many) to the ones who were interested to enable it in their products.

Authapart with Biometric solution

On the last day, I took advantage of being in London to visit Google Campus London in the Silicon Roundabout area.
I discovered Campus London last year during a presentation. It was mentioned about a cafe where any one could come in addition to the member's only offices. The cafe was packed of geek focusing on their laptop, I was lucky enough to find a seat to work a bit while drinking my coffee. It might become my temporary office when I will visit London in the future.

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