AuthAPart - Flexible and Standard based authentification solution

AuthAPart is a software IP designed to quickly and simply integrate with your device.

The authentication solution is based on FIDO Alliance specifications, which are driven by governments, financial institutions and leading companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Intel and ARM. Major consumer products are developed around these specifications – Google Mail & Services, Windows 10 and Dropbox are only some of those.

Enabling FIDO on your device will open your product to a growing ecosystem supported by the most important companies & institutions of the moment.

Current product

AuthAPart is a FIDO U2F software stack over USB / Bluetooth / NFC on ARM Cortex-M with FOTA feature (Firmware Over-The-Air).

AuthAPart is flexible enough to be used with any RTOS environment and cryptography library.

The secure FOTA feature is for firmware update. Our solution uses standard tools. It ensures continuous evolution/update of the firmware.

The FOTA feature is not limited to the update of AuthAPart IP - it can also update your own IP.

AuthAPart is also being ported on ARM 64bit Application processor as a Trusted Application to be part of the Trusted Execution Environment.

Advantages of AuthAPart

The way we work

  1. Understand your hardware requirements and constraints (architecture, targeting a specialised consumer technology)
  2. Analyse of your software components and architecture (use of RTOS, resource available)
  3. Propose an adapted and personalised solution