Firmware expertise & consulting

The company comprise firmware experts with years of direct professional experience of the key challenges in this area. Having work with different processor architectures and vendor development kits, we can offer a high degree of adaptability, as well as plenty of feedback on the chosen solution.

End-to-End Design of Electronic Products

We have designed electronic boards with a various range of MCU Vendors (eg: NXP LPC, Freescale Kinetis, Nordic Semiconductor) and also various technologies including USB, NFC, Bluetooth-Low-Energy.

We have designed every steps of each of our projects from the schematic to the firmware.

end-to-end electronic design


We are strong believers into the Open-Source movement. We submit regular contributions to various Open Source projects.
Some of our latest contributions have ended into KiCad, Bluez, Newlib, OpTEE.

We also maintain a company github account where we publish some of our projects under Open-Source license.

Some of our team members have been maintainer for large firmware projects which have contributions from global semiconductor companies.