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  • AuthAPart : Flexible and Standard based authentification solution. Support FIDO U2F on various architectures (ARM Cortex-M, ARM Cortex A, etc)
  • PolyMCU : An open framework for micro-controller software
  • Services : Consulting, Training

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Writing a BLE server and client for Nordic UART Service using PolyMCU and GattLib

Tutorial explaining how to write a Nordic BLE peripheral firmware using PolyMCU and use Gattlib on the host computer to communicate with this device. Bluetooth Nordic UART Service will be used through this tutorial.

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How to fix Glib warnings or errors with GDB

This blog entry explains how we fix the recurring Glib message present in the latest version of [gattlib](https://github.com/labapart/gattlib) using `GDB`.

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