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We are working on a new type of password manager. The approach we are taking is relatively different to existing solutions. Our revolutionary product will be launched through a crowdfunding campaign.

We decided to launch this survey to help us understanding our (future) users and their expectations concerning managing their own digital identities in their daily life.

The survey is relatively short - less than 1 minute - less than 25 questions. To thank you for your participation to this survey your email address will be asked at the end of this survey. You will be the first ones to be notified when the campaign will be started and you could benefit of the very limited early bird discount for our product (we will ensure there is enough early bird discount for all the participants of this survey!). We promise we will NOT sell your email information or use it to spam you!

You could also follow us on Twitter and/or retweet our survey!

Tell us how you manage your #passwords with our #survey 👍#password_manager #good_brain #lastpass #dashlane #keepass

— Lab à part (@Lab_a_part) 15 February 2017

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A password manager is a software application or hardware that helps a user store and organize passwords. (Source: Wikipedia)

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