Instruction to test/use Nordic Board with PolyMCU - A call for testers & contributors! by Olivier on 14/02/2017 11:08

PolyMCU is one of our Open-Source projects. It unifies MCU Vendor SDKs into a single source tree.

We recently updated the PolyMCU Nordic support to use Nordic nRF5 SDK 11.0.0 (there is also Nordic nRF5 SDK 12.2.0 support in the PolyMCU's branch nordic-nrf5-sdk12).
Unfortunately, we only have the Nordic nRF52 Pre-DK to test it. It is a call for testers and obviously contributors!

We would like to know if the Nordic nRF51 DK and Nordic nRF52 DK supports work as expected.
You can even add support for your Nordic board if not supported. Here are the instructions to add board support:

Few Notes about PolyMCU

List of Nordic Boards

Name Command Arguments Status
Nordic nRF51 Development Kit -DBOARD=Nordic/nRF51DK Untested
Nordic nRF52 Development Kit -DBOARD=Nordic/nRF52DK Untested
Nordic nRF52 Pre-Development Kit -DBOARD=Nordic/nRF52DK-DBOARD_PCA10036=1 Tested


Build PolyMCU for Nordic Board

git clone
cd polymcu
mkdir Build && cd Build
cmake -DBOARD=<Board name> -DAPPLICATION=<Application Name> ..
sudo make install
cmake -DBOARD=BOARD=Nordic/nRF52DK -DAPPLICATION=Nordic/ble_app_hrs_peripheral ..
sudo make install

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